All Natural Gold Products start with only the best top shelf material and go through our highly
refined proprietary processing to create finished products people ask for by name.
If you want the best, don’t settle for less,


After the alcohol extraction process has removed the compounds from the plant matter, the solution is then  processed through a state of the art evaporator that operates at low temperatures to separate the alcohol from the extracted compounds.

Post processing with vacuum chambers at low temperature allows us to complete the process of purging residual alcohol without adulterating the compounds. This process creates not only a true full spectrum extract, but one that has held the THCA and other cannabinoids in there original form (with numbers as high as 98% total cannabinoids) resulting in very stable shatter, rich in colors, and a full body expression unlike other extracts being produced.

  • Total Cannabinoids 86.508% 86.508%
  • THC 74.375% 74.375%
  • CBD 0.096% 0.096%
  • Total Cannabinoids 97.417% 97.417%
  • THC 83.104% 83.104%
  • CBD 0.115% 0.115%
  • Total Cannabinoids 91.153% 91.153%
  • THC 77.972% 77.972%
  • CBD 0.045% 0.045%
  • Total Cannabinoids 91.660% 91.660%
  • THC 78.134% 78.134%
  • CBD 0.069% 0.069%

Our Whole Plant Extract is intentionally designed to be “not strain specific”. We have found over the years in working with cancer patients and individuals with other ailments, there is much better success with a blend of up to 20 or 30  different strains. This allows us to create a very broad cannabinoid profile. As most individuals are aware, a strain that works for one, may not work for another. Creating a broadened cannabinoid profile, we have developed a product fit for all.

We utilize the same extraction process for our whole plant extract as we do for our other full spectrum products, however, our post processing methods change. Instead of finishing in a vacuum chamber, the oil is heated in a reactor under vacuum. This process converts or activates the cannabinoids so the body can receive the blend through the means of ingestion, or by topical application. RSO is a very concentrated product  and should be used starting with small doses. We provide our RSO in a syringe making it very easy to receive the exact dose desired. RSO is also great for baking edibles or can be used in a topical rub or cream.

  • Total Cannabinoids 67.486% 67.486%
  • THC 61.927% 61.927%
  • CBD ND% ND%

With further proprietary post processing methods, beyond that of Shatter (without separating or adulterating), we force crystallization which results in a premium Crumble product.

  • Total Cannabinoids 88.518% 88.518%
  • THC 76.200% 76.200%
  • CBD ND% ND%
  • Total Cannabinoids 96.392% 96.392%
  • THC 83.812% 83.812%
  • CBD 0.041% 0.041%

We start by sourcing only premium “Top Shelf” indoor flower. We then use our finished Crumble and add 100% “real” cannabis terpenes which liquefies the Crumble. The premium flower is then rolled in this oily mixture, and then finished by rolling the oil drenched flower in premium kief.             The result is “out of this world”.

  • Total Cannabinoids 71.403% 71.403%
  • THC 62.070% 62.070%
  • CBD ND% ND%

Fracture, produced exclusively by Natural Gold, is the second generation of a product commonly found in the market called “Shatter”. Fracture is highly refined cannabis using our proprietary processing method. We start with the very best cannabis and run it through our proprietary extraction process. Natural Gold’s Fracture insures a clean, fresh taste that invigorates and ignites the senses without harsh chemicals or funky after taste.

  • Total Cannabinoids 90.615% 90.615%
  • THC 77.710% 77.710%
  • CBD ND% ND%