High THC Extracts

With increasing demand for healthy alternatives to the highly processed extracts, Revive infuses the THC chocolate bars with minimally processed cannabis, called Rosin, also known as a ‘whole plant extract’.

Our process for extracting the THC from the cannabis plant is the most natural way of extraction, known as solventless extraction. We simply take the cannabis trim and put into a tumbler, which spins the leaf material until the THC trichomes fall off the plant material and gather at the bottom of the container. This cannabis byproduct is called Dry Sieve Rosin.

The dry seive rosin is then further pressed using only pressure and heat to yeild the final cannabis extract, called Rosin.

High CBD Extracts

Every cannabis plant processes differently, and CBD Rich cannabis extract is no different. The above process of extraction is not as effective on CBD Rich Cannabis, so the CBD Rich extract is processed through a Cryo-Ethanol extraction with organic alcohol. The CBD Rich Cannabis is derived from the legal cannabis market, NOT hemp oil that is outside regulatory testing